Technical Procurement

  • Analyze specifications, drawings and documentation to select qualified manufacturer and product that meet specifications
  • Manage tight scheduled and critical deadlines
  • Manage documentation and revision control

DRC Shorebase Depot™

  • Manage locally owned inventory of consumables, critical spare parts, PPE, hand tools and MRO
  • Stock & maintain min/max levels synchronized with offshore stores
  • Maintain highest standard of safety requirements and certifications

Logistics Coordination

  • Coordinate directly with clients’ freight forwarding companies for seamless deliveries
  • Consolidation centers in Asia, North America & Europe
  • Negotiate pricing and comples logistics management

Connecting Stakeholders

  • Build and facilitate relationships across range of stakeholders
  • Customers, suppliers, manufacturers, government agencies, local communities

Custom Products

  • Global supply through extensive network of manufacturers
  • Regional inventories of higher turnover products
  • Specialized customer applications and performance requirements

Support Services

  • Testing, calibration, maintenance and qualification services
  • Technical training on complex products

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