LED Lighting

DRC project facilitation enabled customer designed cost saving LED lighting with greater longevity which reduced customer’s man hours required and improved safety

Situation: Sakhalin Energy, a large energy company, asked DRC to procure, facilitate, and implement VMV LED Fixtures for harsh and hazardous locations. This was an upgrade from standard incandescent lights at the LNG plant in the Sakhalin Islands, Russia. Recommended strongly by Eaton Cooper Crouse-Hinds, the manufacturer, our customer had confidence that DRC’s 30 years of experience working with engineers at end user level would manage this important project. DRC worked with technical engineers to present an initial review of the situation and needs and manufacturer product solutions, with a customized PO and installment for the first phase of replacements ready in less than a year.


Solution: DRC’s process began by hosting the manufacturer in a facilitated country visit where we provided the documentation letter of invitation (LOI) and facilitated all joint meetings and other trip logistics, seamlessly bringing together key project leaders of both our customer and manufacturer for all meetings. Next, we developed a customized process with an emphasis on efficiency and safety for our customer. We facilitated and provided samples of lighting, handled ordering and logistics from the manufacturer, and delivered samples to lead electrical engineers for preliminary testing. The manufacturer’s lead engineer provided customized design for installation. Samples were then tested for three months under DRC supervision prior to completed RFQ. We provided an initial 70 fixtures ($50k project) with an expectation of 2000+ fixtures over the next three years.


Results: Early results indicate that DRC’s efficient and effective process is expected to significantly reduce the amount of man hours needed for changing lights due to the longevity of the LED lights. Importantly, we also expect to see improved safety for the same reasons. DRC’s approach and management for upgrading the facility to a more sound and economical product will also result in onetime installation, as well as eventual significant cost savings. An estimated 2000 fixtures will complete the original phased in project plan in three years.

Sewage Treatment Plant

DRC is developing an efficient, effective sewage treatment plant with superior cost savings

Situation: A large shipyard, Turkmenistan Naval University, had a small water treatment facility that needed replaced and asked DRC to facilitate so that the STP could service a new campus filled with lots of buildings. They required new specifications for a tender, contract for engineering, and the plan for the overall facility work plan and development.


Solution:  After successfully facilitating and completing a classified ship repair project in the Turkmen Bashi region, DRC efficiently set up a well-designed sewage treatment facility for the same large engineering company, Hyundai Engineer Group. We purchased and installed the materials and commissioned its launch in a way that set the facility up to run capably and with minimal future maintenance required.


Results: The STP successfully operates as an efficient facility that is equally cost efficient. The ratio of capitol cost to number of people served in above industry standard. The plant itself runs on chloride, which requires less consumable expenses, maintenance, and operators. Additionally, DRC provided user/operator training to ensure internal staff runs the STP rather than contractors, saving the customer money, time, and resources.

Ship Repair Complex

DRC developed and redesigned a crucial plan for ship repair that directly contributed to project’s overall success

Situation: Ships for a large engineering company, Hyundai AMCO Construction Company, in an area of the Turkmen Bashi region needed repair, engineering of processes, development of workshop areas, selection of machinery, equipment provided, and installation. Specifically, the ship yard developed a plan with selection of equipment  (entire specifications for everything) with a list of ~500 items and needed DRC’s input and expertise to determine the best flow of material, steps of production, and overall support to ensure a smooth process. 


Solution: To streamline the process and create strong efficiencies, we provided not only the necessary selection of equipment for a large, classified project in the Turkmen Bashi region, we also provided expertise for the solution for a 3D model and plan, leading to a holistic solution for the flow of material, and all steps of production in order to completely redesign the project in order to meet the our customers’ needs. 


Results: DRC provided the 3D model, entire specifications for each piece of equipment listed from 500 items, and a spec sheet for each item. We ensured the proect was on time and within budget, with no warranty claims. Additionally, we provided training for specific internal workforce segments. Overall, the project provided $2.4M for the engineering company and the Chief Engineer out of Turkmenistan stated, “Out of 80 contractors, DRC was the best.”

DRC Shorebase Depot™

DRC manages, monitors and coordinates a reliable, efficient shorebase depot in Chavyo Bay Russia with highest safety standards for cost savings

Situation: Exxon Neftegas Ltd., a large oil-and-gas engineering firm, needed reliable warehousing for over 2000 line items from multiple contractors (85+) in Sakhalin, Russia. DRC’s Shorebase Depot™ was enlisted to supply and manage over $6M in tools, MRO consumables, critical spares, PPE, and more.


Solution: DRC supplies, tracks, releases, and coordinates equipment testing, certification, repair, and calibration, while offering consistent and after-hours support services.  We provided weekly reports for tracking users, inventory, and work orders in order to enable material security and expense accountability. DRC operates with the highest safety standards and flexibility to reliably meet schedules and number of personnel needed for each individual item or project through daily meetings, management, safety guidelines, and use of PPE for certain work.


Results: As a result, the Shorebase Depot has never had loss time injuries in our 100,000+ hours of contract operations and operates under the highest standards for decreasing downtime. This reliability and efficiency yields significant cost savings, as well as the ability to provide key resources for supplying critical products and connecting manufacturers, users, and communities.

First Fill Project

Expert knowledge ensures that materials for new equipment work properly and come in on time and on budget

Situation:  The oil and gas industry relies on DRC’s expert knowledge and experience to ensure that the oil, lubricants, and chemicals utilized on new equipment matches all spec sheets, works properly, and is delivered on time, in order to avoid any costly production delays. We use our Oil Analysis program within our Industrial Lubricants specialty area to accomplish. For Exxon Neftegas, a global engineering construction company, DRC was asked to procure and supply 720 containers of lubricants and 20+ containers of chemicals for their oil and gas customer – Fluor Corp. in Sakhalin Russian. DRC worked with the construction company’s procurement specialist to ensure all details and specs matched project expenses and budget, as well as the crucial timeline.


Solution: DRC’s process begins with talking directly to the oil and gas engineers to provide a strategic procurement plan and verification of the accuracy for products, needs, and timeline. Next, we work with manufacturers to ensure we offered acceptable product(s) for the specific equipment and facilitate the governmental, manufacturer, and finally customer approval processes, while simultaneously conducting our own 360-degree investigation while working directly with the customer to verify. Additionally, we select and determine products based primarily on efficacy, but always keep in mind the means through which the customer can lower their costs and expenses, in order to come at or under budget and within the timeline.

Used Oil Analysis

We always provide a thorough used oil analysis on the most crucial equipment as a significant value-add to lubricants contracts

Situation: An onshore production facility needed to maintain consistent and accurate checks on their current oil to ensure it worked well for particular equipment and machinery. With 720 containers of lubricants and 10-20 containers of chemicals, they needed to be able to monitor the efficacy of the oil for many modules, including turbine oils and coolants, to ensure there were no particles or contamination in the supply. 


Solution: As a significant value-add to DRC’s lubricants contracts, we always organize, provide, and monitor a thorough used oil analysis process on the most critical equipment on a regular basis to mitigate risk of equipment failure. We facilitate the entire process from sending the samples to the lab to delivering an engineer’s recommendations directly to the customer with our expert guidance, to ensure fastest turn-around and the least amount of downtime for production.

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