Relationships Built on Collaboration

DRC provides global technical procurement and distribution services for Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction operations. For over 20 years, DRC has offered the expertise, knowledge, and services across the natural resource value chain to enable success for our customers.

Our ability to work in the most challenging markets differentiates us from other distributors. We maintain a strong working knowledge of diverse locations, which sets DRC apart in its capability to partner with customers to achieve strategic and operational goals. We start with detailed understanding of unique customer needs and utilize internal knowledge and experience. Then, we leverage our large external network of suppliers and manufacturers to collaborate with our customers and ensure solutions that provide lifetime value.

DRC professionals provide substantial value added in all transactions through their expertise in areas such as engineering, cash management, customs clearance, and logistics within challenging geographies. These areas require comprehensive understanding of complex and rapidly changing regulations, as well as solid working relationships with local officials. Our strengths in these areas distinguish us from our competitors and are critical to success in this market. We partner with our customers in the natural resource value chain to provide integrated solutions and resources that deliver lasting value.

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